While President Donald Trump is busy lying to cover his own a** after responding terribly to the coronavirus pandemic, former President Barack Obama is displaying real leadership by urging people to stay home and praising those who are protecting our communities.

Trump spent his Sunday whining about criticism of his failed response, attacking Democrats and retweeting praise of himself from others all day while pretending that he’s actually doing something to help the American people get through this crisis.

He even once again attacked Obama for the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, which would have been much worse had the Obama administration not made testing widely available and worked to treat as many people as possible and set up the infrastructure to deal with the outbreaks and future pandemics from the start. Trump would go on to dismantle the pandemic response team Obama established, which would have come in handy as we deal with the coronavirus now.

The fact is that Obama led during the H1N1 crisis as well as the Ebola epidemic in 2014. And though he is no longer president, he continued leading on Sunday by showing why as many Americans as possible should try to stay home in an effort to slow or prevent the spread of the virus.

Obama then recognized that not everyone can stay home, and proceeded to praise the doctors, nurses, police officers and other workers who are absolutely necessary to fight the outbreak and protect our communities.

This is what a real president does in times of crisis. And Trump would be wise to follow Obama’s example.

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