Outgoing President Donald Trump bragged about Michigan Republicans refusing to certify the election results in Wayne County, only to throw a temper tantrum when they reversed course.

The two members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refused to certify the results in the hopes that the state board would do the same and give the Republican majority state legislature the ability to select electors who would cast Michigan’s electoral votes for Trump instead of President-Elect Joe Biden, who rightfully won the state by nearly 150,000 votes.

The Republican board members made their intentions clear after trying to bargain with their Democratic counterparts that they would certify Wayne County if Detroit, a majority African-American city, were excluded. The offer is racist and was rejected.

But Trump and his campaign lawyer praised the two Republicans.

Just hours later, however, the board members reversed themselves and joined their two Democratic colleagues to unanimously certify the results in Wayne County, including Detroit. Because it turns out that there were no irregularities as Trump and his team have claimed.

Upon learning that he lost again, Trump predictably acted like a petulant toddler.

Nope. It’s a loss, not just for Republicans but also for Trump as well. If these Republican board members were so confident about their decision to block certification, they would not have caved hours later. Clearly, even they know that Trump has lost and that any scheme to steal the election will fail because it’s bullsh*t. Even if Trump had managed to steal Michigan’s votes, it would still not be enough for him to beat Biden, who currently has 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.

It’s time for Republicans to admit that this election is over and force Trump to concede. Because continuing this charade to cast doubt on democracy will only come back to haunt them in future elections, including two Senate races in Georgia that will be decided in January. If Republicans need a reminder, black voters are the reason why Biden won that state, and they are not going to be happy about the GOP trying to exclude the votes of a majority African-American city from the election results. If anything, Trump and the GOP just gave black voters in Georgia all the motivation they need to vote Democratic in these two Senate contests.

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