Outgoing President Donald Trump really kicked a hornet’s nest when he fired Department of Homeland Security election security chief Chris Krebs this week, because Krebs gained support from Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

Trump fired Krebs via Twitter for publicly contradicting his election fraud conspiracy theories. Krebs announced earlier this month that the 2020 Election was the “most secure in history” and debunked many of Trump’s false allegations in defense of our democratic process.

Krebs expected to be fired by Trump, but he probably did not expect to get support from Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, who responded to Trump’s Twitter tirade.

Krebs clearly appreciated the back-up, because he used Star Wars references from characters such as Yoda and Mando from new series The Mandalorian to respond to Hamill.

Indeed, protecting the integrity of our elections is the way. And that’s why Trump’s firing of Krebs is so egregious. Trump will now try to install a crony who will parrot his election fraud claims in yet another attempt to discredit the election results and cause Americans to lose faith in our democratic system.

Of course, Trump’s firing of Krebs does benefit President-Elect Joe Biden because Krebs is now free to work with Biden’s transition team, which has been blocked by the Trump administration from accessing resources and offices to prepare for a new administration to govern the country. Oops.

Once again, Trump shoots himself in the foot.

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