Outgoing President Donald Trump’s team of sleazy attorneys suffered a self-inflicted setback in Pennsylvania this week and made a request in a filing that will be laughed out of court by the judge as Trump continues his scheme to steal the 2020 contest.

President-Elect Joe Biden currently has an insurmountable and indisputable 82,000 vote lead over Trump in the state, which carries 20 electoral votes. That’s why Trump is alleging election fraud and filing many lawsuits there in an effort to overturn the results so he can stay in power.

Of course, Trump’s team has already lost several lawsuits, but now they are filing one that laughably demands that the Trump campaign get access to 1.5 million mail-in votes so they can count them themselves and tell the judge who won the state. Seriously.

“Due to confusion caused by the withdrawal of Plaintiffs’ lead counsel on Friday, Nov. 13, the Amended Complaint filed on Nov. 15 inadvertently withdrew numerous allegations contained in the original Complaint regarding the preclusion of observers at the canvassing of mail votes and the subsequent improper counting of mail votes in the seven Defendant County Boards of Election,” the filing states. “Moreover, with the appearance of new counsel, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Scaringi Firm, and new factual developments, the Campaign intends to file a second amended complaint to make clear that there was intentional misconduct by the Defendant Boards of Election, which deliberately excluded Republican/Trump observers from the canvassing in order to facilitate counting mail ballots which did not comport with the signature, date, and other requirements of Pennsylvania law.”

It should once again be pointed out that there is no evidence of election fraud in Pennsylvania, so Trump’s claims are baseless. This includes Trump’s claim that Republican observers were barred from watching the vote count. Both Republican and Democratic observers were present during counting.

But here’s the laughable part of the lawsuit. It actually demands “access to the outside and inside of envelopes for the approximately 1.5 million mail ballots at issue – all public records – in the Defendant Counties, or, alternatively, a significant random sample from each county.”

“This simple exercise will determine whether Plaintiffs can prove their case – that sufficient illegal ballots were counted that changed the result of the election,” the filing continued. “If so, the Court should set aside these votes and declare Trump the winner.”

In short, Trump’s campaign is arguing that they want access to the ballots so they can scrutinize them themselves and tell the judge who won the election. Seriously. Because that’s totally not dubious at all.

The lawsuit should be dismissed and Trump’s attorneys disbarred and stripped of their law licenses permanently. Because in one major Pennsylvania county, Trump’s lawyers literally signed a document agreeing that there was no fraud in this election.

You can’t claim that there’s election fraud and then sign documents in court admitting that there is no election fraud.

Clearly, Trump and his lawyers are the real frauds.

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