While President Donald Trump is looking to end social distancing and stay-at-home policies by Easter Sunday against the advice of health experts, former President Barack Obama is urging Americans to continue doing the right thing until the medical community gets a handle on the pandemic.

A real leader protects the safety and health of their people instead of the business interests of the wealthy, but as the coronavirus continues to spread—infecting nearly 70,000 Americans and killing over 1,000—Trump is hell-bent on giving corporate fat cats and evangelical leaders what they want by reopening the country by Easter.

Trump is not only willing to let people die for the sake of the stock market, but he’s also facilitating the spread of the virus by wanting to “pack the churches” on Easter Sunday. After all, televangelists won’t make much money if they don’t have a congregation to fleece.

Trump even continued insisting on sending Americans back to work in a tweet on Wednesday complaining about his re-election chances.

Obama, however, is a real leader who saw our country through a flu pandemic in 2009 and an Ebola epidemic in 2014. He listened to health experts and enacted their recommendations, even creating a Pandemic Response team that Trump later dismantled.

While Trump wants to end the social distancing and stay-at-home policies that are preventing the pandemic from being worse than it already is, Obama is strongly advocating that people continue to observe them by listening to health experts instead of Trump. Because that’s the best way to help the medical community at this time.

Hospitals are already overwhelmed and don’t have enough supplies to treat everyone. Adding more patients to the chaos will only make things worse. That’s why Americans must defy Trump, if not for their own health and well-being, but for their loved ones. This virus is killing people and over a hundred are now dying every day. The absolute best thing Americans can do to end this pandemic is to stay at home. Trump may be willing to sacrifice American lives, but Obama is not, and Americans shouldn’t be as well.

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