Still desperate to convince everyone that his response to the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of heroic instead of an incompetent failure, President Donald Trump claimed that he has saved “billions” of lives in the United States, which is impossible according to basic math.

Again, Trump wasted weeks and months ignoring and downplaying the virus even though he had been repeatedly warned by the World Health Organization, his own advisers, the military and the intelligence community that the pandemic was coming here and would be bad if we did not properly prepare. Trump golfed, held rallies, called it a “hoax” and insisted that the virus wasn’t anything to worry about.

Now nearly 400,000 Americans have been infected and nearly 40,000 have died. The economy is in shambles with businesses across the country closed and over 16 million people are unemployed. We are also starting to see food shortages.

It’s nothing short of a disaster of Trump’s own making. He may not have created the virus, but his failure to act put us in the predicament we currently face. The blood of nearly 40,000 Americans is on his hands.

Yet, Trump wants everyone to believe that he’s actually the savior in this story instead of the villain.

While talking about the potential death toll, which could reach 100,000 to 250,000 Americans, Trump claimed that he has saved “billions” of lives.

“I really believe it could have been billions of people [who died] had we not done what we did,” he said. “We made a lot of good decisions.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

There’s just one big problem with that number. The population of the United States is only 330 million people. And Trump really can’t say that he was talking about worldwide either since most countries acted before he did to prevent the spread.

In the end, it’s not about how many lives are saved, it’s about how many could he have saved had he taken this pandemic seriously in the first place before it ever came to our shores. His response to it has been a complete embarrassment that has had deadly consequences for Americans in every state. And he should have to pay dearly for it for the rest of his miserable pathetic life.

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