Outgoing President Donald Trump is now bragging about topping Gallup’s “Most Admired” poll, a boast that drew wide mockery on Twitter.

With 18 percent of the vote, Trump edged out former President Barack Obama this year by a mere 3 percent margin while President-Elect Joe Biden garnered 6 percent in Gallup’s annual poll that is largely meaningless and does not represent the views of the entire population of Americans.

Yet, Trump used the opportunity to gloat and folded his “win” into his debunked election fraud claims.

It has to be pointed out that this poll has nothing to do with the election results no matter how hard Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson try to tie the two together. It’s like Trump thinking that he must have won the election just because he won both Florida and Ohio. Florida and Ohio, while key states, are not the only states that vote. Gallup only surveys thousands of Americans, not millions, and certainly not tens of millions.

Over 150 million Americans voted in the 2020 Election, and Trump lost by 7 million votes. That’s the only number that really matters here. Furthermore, Democrats are not part of a cult and their votes were split between Biden and Obama, whose combined total equals 21 percent of the vote and beats Trump.

Americans reflected these points in responses mocking Trump.

Again, the only reason Trump topped this poll is because Gallup likely surveyed more Republicans than Democrats, whose votes were split between Obama and Biden. Many Democrats even voted for Dr. Anthony Fauci, who received 3 percent. Republicans engaged in mindless worship of Trump while Democrats did not engage in any such exercise. Likely, Trump will not top the poll again next year. And even if he does, it really doesn’t matter because poll results, which Trump has repeatedly attacked during his presidency, are not the same as actual election results. And the election results say Biden is more popular than Trump.

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