A Republican state lawmaker in Idaho says the shutdown of businesses across the country to control the spread of coronavirus is “no different” than what the Nazis did when they sent people to concentration camps.

In an interview she gave recently, Idaho state Rep. Heather Scott remarked:

“And when you have government telling you that your business is essential or non-essential, yours is non-essential and someone else’s is essential, we have a problem there. I mean, that’s no different than Nazi Germany where you had government telling people either you were an essential worker or a non-essential worker, and non-essential workers got put on a train.”

Scott also referenced the Republican governor of the state, Brad Little, whom she compared to German dictator Adolf Hitler:

“You can’t take away people’s lives and property without compensation, and that’s exactly what he would be doing. I mean, they are already calling him Little Hitler — Gov. Little Hitler.”

The purpose of speaking in such terms, according to Scott, is to make it clear that many people in the state don’t agree with the measures Gov. Scott has taken to protect residents:

“And so I think people will start educating others, and people will be more and more vocal until they will say, ‘Enough of this,’ and put the pressure — hopefully political pressure — on him. That’s what I would hope for.”

Protests have taken place in a several states — most notably Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia — over the past week to call for an end to the lockdowns which are in place to help prevent further spread of COVID-19, which medical professionals say is highly contagious and easily transmitted via droplets when a person speaks, coughs, or sneezes.

President Donald Trump has also been pressing for an immediate reopening of the country, trying to assure Americans that the virus is under control despite the fact that over 40,000 people have died as a result of the disease.

For decades, Republicans have dubbed themselves the “pro-life” party based on their opposition to abortion. And yet they’re perfectly willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of people on the altar of the almighty dollar. Disgusting doesn’t even begin to fully express just how craven their motives and methods are.

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