President Donald Trump gets really agitated when female reporters challenge him, and that’s why he viciously attacks them. Well, he attacked another female reporter during his press briefing on Sunday and sounded just like how some conservatives talk about rape victims.


Trump often boasts that he somehow acted to prevent coronavirus by denying entry into the United States from China. Only travel from China still continued anyway as CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang pointed out, a fact that likely further spread the coronavirus across the United States.

“If you look at what I did banning China from coming in,” Trump began.

“Not American nationals,” Jiang interrupted.

A clearly agitated Trump then responded by treating Jiang like conservatives treat rape victims, by telling her to be quiet and just “relax” as he continued to make himself look like a competent leader.

“Nice and easy. Nice and easy. Just relax,” Trump said. “We cut it off. Everybody was amazed that I did it. We had 21 people in a room. Everybody was against it but me. Dr. Fauci said had I not done that, perhaps tens of thousands and maybe much more than that people would have died. I was very early, very, very early. And we just saw, you saw Bret Baier making a statement. They had a debate well into February and not even mention — it wasn’t mentioned, the Democrats, we were very early. I’m the president, and you know what I just did?”

Jiang who merely wanted to make sure her questions were heard by viewers at home, asked if Trump acknowledged the failure, only to be snapped at.

“Keep your voice down!” he demanded.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Back in 1990, Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams drew wide condemnation because of a remark he made about rape.

“Rape is kinda like the weather,” he said. “If it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

Ever since then, rape apologists have repeated iterations of the phrase as if being raped should be pleasurable. By telling Jiang to “just relax,” Trump is evoking the same language as if female reporters should just sit back and let him abuse the nation with his lies and propaganda without challenge.

Trump himself is also likely to be familiar with rhetoric uttered by rape apologists. After all, he has been accused of rape by his own ex-wife and of sexually assaulting multiple women. Trump has even bragged about grabbing women by their genitals without their consent.

The way he treated female reporters showcased exactly why women overwhelmingly reject him and will vote against him in November.

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