President Donald Trump insisted that he never called the coronavirus a “hoax,” but the problem is that his own words betray him in many different ways even if he didn’t use the word “hoax” in some statements, and Twitter users were quick to remind him what he said.

Trump has a habit of saying things and then turning around and claiming he never said what he said. Of course, nearly everything he says is on video or Twitter, so there are records.

On Saturday, Trump absurdly claimed that he never downplayed the coronavirus.

Except that he downplayed it multiple times by comparing it to the mere flu even though this virus has killed more people in a month than the flu does in a year. Trump also actually used the word “hoax” to describe the virus during a campaign rally, which he held because he didn’t take the virus seriously.

In response, Twitter called him out.

Trump should take responsibility for his recklessness. Over 50,000 Americans are dead because he failed to take this seriously. This is all on him, and it all goes back to him calling the virus a “hoax” instead of properly preparing the country.

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