Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg announced that she has had a recurrence of her cancer, and that caused a sickening display of rejoicing among conservatives who are eager for President Donald Trump to nominate another judge to the high court.

Ginsberg is 87-years-old and she seems to be the only hope for American democracy to remain in one piece beyond 2020. Despite demands from Trump that she retire from the bench, she has steadfastly refused and continues to do the job while inspiring Americans across the country.

On Friday, Americans were saddened to hear that her cancer had returned. But Ginsberg soon issued a statement to soothe everyone’s fears.

She explained that the cancer was caught in May and that she has been undergoing treatment that has made progress shrinking the lesions on her liver. Through it all, she has remained committed to the work of the Supreme Court and made it clear she is not going anywhere.

Some Trump supporters, however, were giddy about her having cancer again.

Just in case you don’t realize how serious this is, these people are going to vote in November. If Trump wins, Ginsberg’s hard work to remain on the bench into 2021 will have been for nothing. So, if you value democracy and care about Ginsberg’s legacy, get out and vote no matter what to make sure Trump won’t be the one picking her eventual replacement.

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