Voters in the key battleground state of Ohio are not happy with the way President Donald Trump has responded to the coronavirus pandemic, and that doesn’t bode well for Trump when you consider that no Republican has ever won a presidential election without winning the Buckeye State.

During a recent focus group conducted by Engagious/FPG with 10 Ohio voters who switched from Barack Obama to Trump in the 2016 election, many of those swing voters said they wished the president would be less partisan and more driven by facts and science, Axios reports:

“There’s little appetite for partisan politics among these voters when it comes to a crisis with life-and-death consequences. They want a leader who will work with health and science experts, find solutions, and activate in a way that won’t polarize the country.”

Specifically, most of these Ohio residents said they wish Trump would be more like their governor, Mike DeWine (R), and the way he’s handled the crisis, relying on medical experts and putting the safety of people before all other issues:

“Asked for the leadership qualities they admire in other governors around the country managing the crisis, these voters offered words including ‘patience,’ ‘sympathetic’ and ‘sincere’ — and praised leaders who appear to fight ‘passionately’ to protect their constituents.”

In other words, these voters want someone who is the exact opposite of Donald Trump, who was described by the focus group panelists in very negative terms:

“By contrast, they described Trump as ‘lackadaisical’ with his words, not always sounding ‘the most educated,’ and being ‘all over the place.'”

One woman who took part in the focus group said Trump should strive to be more like Gov. DeWine:

“I would just encourage President Trump to do the same thing that DeWine is doing and get rid of the politics. That just hogs up too much of the spotlight and it just becomes much more divisive. This is a time for our nation to be coming together and look, I think the state of Ohio has done a pretty good job of coming together. Mr. Trump could take some of the cool, calm, collected, grandpa-kind-of-DeWine. This whole attitude and perspective — it’s much more unifying than it is divisive.”

Cool, calm, collected. Unifying instead of divisive. If that’s what voters are looking for, Trump may well lose more than just the state of Ohio.

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