President Donald Trump had a chance to actually show sympathy for the more than 62,000 victims of the coronavirus pandemic and their suffering families on Thursday during a session with reporters, but he failed miserably after turning it into some kind of sick competition.

Let’s preface this by pointing out that Trump spent the previous night attacking the media before he woke up on Thursday morning and launched attacks on the FBI and James Comey before he attacked Sweden for not reacting fast enough to the virus even though his reckless response has driven a death toll that has surpassed that of the entire Vietnam War with over one million Americans infected.

Yet, when a reporter asked him about how he feels about the victims, Trump was incapable of displaying any human emotion, but bragged that “nobody” feels worse or thinks about the deaths more than him.

Again, based on his Twitter rampages and rambling press conferences where he praises himself and delivers dangerous misinformation, it’s clear that what he said is a lie.

He also quickly turned his answer into one about the economy and re-opening it early, which could cause a second wave of the virus.

“I don’t think anybody could feel any worse than I do about all of the death and destruction that is so needless,” Trump said. “Nobody. But I also have to make sure that we handle the situation well. Nobody’s thinking about it more. Nobody, uh, nobody has spent more time late in the evening thinking about what’s happened to this country in a short period of time. But at the same time, we’ve got to get our country open again. And we’re doing that.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Trump is clearly incapable of acting like a human being and cares more about the economy than the people who have died or are dying.

He had a chance to think of others before himself and he couldn’t even get that right.

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