President Donald Trump angered a whole lot of medical personnel at the Columbia University Medical Center on Sunday when he insulted the institution over a study that shows his failure to take the coronavirus seriously cost tens of thousands of lives that could have been saved.

Nearly 100,000 Americans are dead because of Trump’s reckless and incompetent response to the virus. He called it a “hoax” and refused to take action, thus robbing Americans of precious time to start social distancing and hunker down at home.

Instead, Trump reacted too late and is still stumbling as states that are re-opening early are now experiencing a second wave of the virus.

And we know how devastating Trump’s failure to act is because a study by Columbia University concluded that had Trump acted just a week sooner up to 30,000 Americans would still be alive today instead of being buried in mass graves.

Of course, Trump attacked the institution as “liberal” and called it “disgraceful.”

In response, Columbia University’s Dr. Craig Spencer M.D. came to the defense of the school and medical center.

Trump crossed a line by attacking this institution and the medical professionals who work there. We are still in the middle of a national emergency and these doctors and nurses deserve respect for what they do.

If Trump were a real leader, he would take responsibility for his failures and learn from studies that identify his mistakes. But he’s clearly incapable of doing so.

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