Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) boasted that she has been “totally exonerated” like President Donald Trump after Attorney General Bill Barr’s corrupt Department of Justice dropped the investigation into her insider trading scandal.

After attending a meeting on coronavirus in February, Loeffler and her husband dumped millions of dollars worth of stock and immediately invested in stocks that would rise during the pandemic. But rather than let the dropping of the probe go quietly, Loeffler spiked the football instead and claimed that the accusations against her were invented.

Of course, Trump was not exonerated at all. Not in the Mueller report, which detailed his various obstruction of justice crimes. And not by being acquitted by the Senate since Republicans rigged the impeachment trial in his favor.

Twitter users reminded her of that plus informed her that she is not out of the woods since she can be charged and prosecuted by the DOJ later under a new administration.

Loeffler has not been exonerated at all, yet she is bragging about the investigation being dropped. She sold off stocks for profit after getting inside knowledge about the impending pandemic that has ruined millions of lives and crashed the economy. There should be severe consequences for that, and hopefully justice will be served in 2021.

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