According to White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, the reason the U.S. economy has fallen off the cliff and there’s 16.3 percent unemployment is due looters and rioters, whom he slammed as “a pack of animals.”

During an appearance on Fox Business Sunday morning, Navarro was asked by host Maria Bartiromo about the protests in Washington, D.C., which have been mostly peaceful. Navarro responded:

“This morning, it’s a very peaceful Sunday morning. Yesterday, going to and from work, what I saw is many peaceful protesters but there were a lot of bad hombres out there as well ready to riot.”

How exactly did he know there were ready to riot? Were they carrying signs announcing their intentions?

Navarro went on to attack Muriel Bowser, the mayor of the District of Columbia, calling the city “a burnt out shell,” adding:

“It’s not open now. What it basically is is graffiti, it’s boarded up places.”

And then the always confrontational trade adviser (whose trade policies have led to farmers and small businesses going bankrupt at a record pace) tried to suggest that looters — instead of coronavirus — are the culprits for crashing the economy:

“Let me do a little math, a little arson and looter math. When you have an arsonist burn down a small business, that’s a 100 jobs you’ve destroyed. Not just inside the enterprise but along the supply chain.”

But Navarro was far from finished trying to divert attention away from the horrific job his boss did when COVID-19 arrived in the country, causing massive business closures and record unemployment across all sectors of the American economy:

“When you have a pack of animals go in and loot a big store, that’s thousands of jobs. And if you add that up, Maria, over the 16 major metropolitan areas where the national guard has had to be deployed, that’s almost 2 million jobs that are being impacted.”

The closer we get to November, you can expect President Donald Trump and his paid shills to try and blame everyone and everything other than Trump for the miserable state of the nation. To hear them tell it, nothing is ever Trump’s fault. It remains to be seen if voters will buy their diversionary tactics and BS.

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