You know how President Donald Trump has bragged about going to Wharton? Well, it turns out he may have had a lot of help getting there, according to his niece Mary Trump. And by help, I mean cheating on his SAT tests.

Mary Trump’s tell-all tome, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” hits bookshelves next week after the publisher moved up the release date due to high demand following a ruling by a federal judge allowing publication to move forward.

Trump’s family had tried to block the book in court citing a supposed non-disclosure agreement.

Now that that frivolous legal effort has fizzled out, the American public can finally learn more sordid details about Trump and his pathetic life.

That includes the way he allegedly got into college.

Trump attended the Wharton business school at the the University of Pennsylvania while at the same time dodging the draft five times to escape serving in the military during the Vietnam War.

Just as he would cheat to stay out of the military because his daddy paid a doctor to lie, he cheated to get into the prestigious school by paying someone to take the SAT exam for him like actress Lori Loughlin did for her daughter recently in a scandal that rocked the country.

“As a high school student in Queens… Donald Trump paid someone to take a precollegiate test, the SAT, on his behalf,” Mary trump wrote according to the New York Times.

This explosive allegation explains why Trump has been called the dumbest student one of his teachers ever had.

“Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had,” the late Professor William T. Kelley once said. Now that has some serious backup from Mary Trump and reinforces the fact that Trump has had to cheat to get everything he has gotten.

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