President Donald Trump’s blaming of former President Barack Obama for violence in Chicago came back to bite him on Wednesday.

As shootings in Chicago skyrocketed, Trump repeatedly blamed Obama for the situation. But now that Trump is in office and has been for the last three and a half years, the responsibility now falls upon him.

During a press conference/campaign rally, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins noted Trump’s hypocrisy to his face.

“In 2016, you said it was President Obama’s fault when shootings in Chicago were up,” Collins said. “So why was it President Obama’s fault then, but it’s not your fault now?”

Trump tried to evade the question.

“Chicago is a disaster,” Trump said. “The mayor is saying, don’t come in, the mayor is telling us not to come in.”

Collins didn’t let Trump get away with his non-answer and asked the question again, this time resulting in a typical Trump response of blaming Obama.

“Because President Obama was invited in, and he did a poor job … he could have solved the problem,” Trump claimed.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Gun violence has only spiked in Chicago because Republicans refuse to enact sensible gun control measures in Indiana, where guns are bought and brought back to the city. Furthermore, Obama tried to enact gun control measures that would have reduced gun violence, but Republicans in Congress refused to pass any of them.

Obama also did not resort to fascist actions, unlike Trump, who is sending unidentified federal agents to cities across the country to violate Americans’ civil rights. Trump’s dictatorial measures are going to do more harm in Chicago than good. That’s why the city government opposes the presence of Trump’s personal militia.

If Trump really wanted to deal with violence in Chicago, he would seek to pass gun control measures, something he won’t do because he would lose that NRA endorsement he just received.

The bottom line is that Trump is president and has had three and a half years to act. But he hasn’t because he doesn’t care about ending gun violence in Chicago as much as he cares about making himself look like a tough guy even though he’s the weakest president in history.

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