For months, MAGA Republicans like House Oversight Committee chairman, James Comer have been proudly gawking about how they “had the goods” on the “Biden crime family.” Apparently, according to the MAGA gang, Joe Biden is at the same time a bumbling, stumbling dementia ridden old man who can’t even remember how to tie his shoes and a criminal mastermind who can cover his tracks so well not even the best investigators can find his secret lair filled with gold, jewels, and plunder.

Joe Biden is Walter Mitty and Michael Corleone all rolled into one, according to the MAGA narrative. Which he is, at any given time, only depends on which manufactured caricature they want to sell at any given moment.

With time marching forward, and people figuring out that Joe Biden isn’t the real life version of Mr. Magoo or Tony Soprano, but rather a guy who actually does give a damn about the country he has served since he was a young man, agree with his policies or not, MAGA Republicans found themselves pressed up against the wall when even “friendly” news outlets like Fox News started questioning their claims.

James Comer found himself in that exact spot last week on two Fox programs. The 1st was when he appeared on Fox and Friends and Steve Doocy pointed out that everything Comer was saying was just wishful thinking with no evidence to back it up. The Kentucky Republican decided it was a good time to imply a conspiracy theory.

Comer told Doocy that they had a great “informant” but alas, no one knows where that informant is. He is missing — just gone. Furthermore, he told Fox Business Network host, Maria Bartiromo that according to their “rock solid whistleblower” who has great credentials (but he can’t tell us who that person is or even give us a clue into those credentials) that informant, if it was known where he is, would just bring down that “Biden crime family” in a flash.

Exasperated at an oversight committee hearing on Tuesday, Florida Congressman Jared Markowitz, decided to take the kid gloves off as the hearing was ignoring things like very real gun violence while Comer and his allies were chasing phantom “informants.”

“So look, I know you guys are busy,” the lawmaker said. “I know you got stuff going on. You’re trying to find the fake informant that now has gone missing. I know you’re busy with that.”

Comer attempted to come back at Markowitz’s dig, but ended up sounding as foolish as he did on Fox. Comer insisted that the “whistleblower” was “alive and well” but mentioned nothing about knowing where the “informant” was.

This isn’t unlike when Trump was using Fox to sell lies about the 2020 election and Dominion Voting Systems. Ultimately, Fox was on the hook for almost 800 million for those lies. In that case, the “whistleblower” was Trump’s attorney Sydney Powell who had a “source” (informant) that knew just how those evil Dominion machines were “flipping votes” for Trump over to Biden.

But in that case, at least the informant existed — it turned out, that “informant” was her psychic and time-traveling friend who got their information with their super duper powers.

Here, as each day passes, it becomes more obvious that James Comer is fabricating the informant story. It is hard to imagine they don’t have an address, a phone number, a social media account, or anything that can reach this mystery “informant” just to assure the GOP he is indeed alive and well.

Check out James Comer and Jared Markowitz during that exchange below …

Of course, the only logical conclusion, according to the MAGA geniuses, is that Joe Biden, in between episodes of drooling on himself and babbling at a cloud, arranged a hit on the “informant.”

And if anyone believes that, there are some Trump steaks, vodka, and a quality university education the MAGA movement and James Comer would like to sell you.