In a desperate attempt to raise money for the flagging reelection campaign of President Donald Trump, the Trump 2020 team has been sending out a flood of text messages to supporters chiding them for not contributing and demanding that they act immediately by pledging funds.

But many of those supporters say they’re sick and tired of what they call “sleazy” and non-stop texts, and that raises the issue of the constant bombardment on people’s cell phones will alienate the very people the campaign needs to even have a chance in November.

Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch was one of the first to bring the annoying text messages to light, and his reporting has led to many who voted for Trump in 2016 to warn that they are frustrated with the barrage of electronic pleas they’re seeing day after day on their phones:

A brief sampling of the messages makes clear why so many people are growing irritated:

  • “You FAILED to use your 5x match. It EXPIRED… Why did you let us down? LAST CHANCE.”
  • “We texted you TWICE. Why did you let your 500% Trump House Patriot match expire AGAIN? We’ll give you 1 more chance.”

Even pro-Trumpers on Twitter say they’ve had enough of the texts:

Pro-Trump columnist Kurt Schlichter was also upset with the Trump campaign texts:

And his remarks drew support from others who said they’re fed up:

Oh well, you know what they say: Gifters gonna grift. That’s especially true for Donald Trump.

Featured Image Via the BBC