Like a petulant child who needs to get in one more insult, President Donald Trump is skipping the funeral of the late-Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). Instead, a real president will be there because Barack Obama is delivering the eulogy.

Here’s the complete eulogy:

Lewis died earlier this month, and while former presidents, lawmakers, celebrities, and Americans across the country honored him, Trump couldn’t be bothered to make a statement until several hours later after he had finished a round of golf with his lapdog Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Lewis’ casket laid in state at the Capitol this week, only for Trump to once again snub the civil rights legend and once more by failing to acknowledge the plane that carried Lewis’s body back to Georgia for the funeral while boarding Air Force One only yards away.

In the ultimate sign of disrespect, Trump refuses to attend the funeral as well. But that’s okay because real presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama will be there. And Obama himself will deliver the eulogy.

As you may recall, Trump was not invited to the funerals of former First Lady Barbara Bush and Senator John McCain. And he only grudgingly attended the funeral of George H. W. Bush.

One would think Trump would want to attend Lewis’ funeral. But he apparently thinks it’s best to continue pandering to his white supremacist supporters by skipping it.

Obama, however, has already given us a preview of what he will say because he released a touching statement on Lewis’ death.

“He loved this country so much that he risked his life and his blood so that it might live up to its promise,” Obama wrote. “And through the decades, he not only gave all of himself to the cause of freedom and justice, but inspired generations that followed to try to live up to his example.”

Without a doubt, there will not be a dry eye in the vicinity when Obama delivers his speech. But it is fitting that the champion for civil rights is eulogized by the first black president that his fight paved the way for all those decades ago.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons