Fox News host Tucker Carlson grilled Alan Dershowitz about his association with billionaire pedophile and child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein on Friday night.

Earlier this week, documents related to the case against Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell were officially unsealed and made public, which is not good for Dershowitz because he is mentioned at least 86 times.

Soon after the unsealing, Dershowitz got very defensive and took to Twitter to insist that he demanded the documents be unsealed. Of course, he wanted access himself, but that doesn’t mean he wanted them to be public for all to see.

Virginia Giuffre alleged in her testimony against Epstein and Maxwell that she had been used as a sex slave and passed around to wealthy and powerful men such as Prince Andrew and Dershowitz when she was a teenager. That includes at Epstein’s residence in New York and on his private island, which has been referred to as “Pedo Island” for obvious reasons.

It turns out that Dershowitz has visited both properties, even admitting that he once received a massage from a girl at Epstein’s New York residence, but insisting that he had his underwear on the whole time.

On Friday night, he admitted to Carlson that he has been on “Pedo Island” as well, but insisted that he saw no illegal activity and saw no girls there.

“The only time was through academic situations, when I was representing him as a lawyer — yes, he lent me his house because my granddaughter was in a soccer tournament, but it was empty,” he claimed. “It was only the housekeeper and it was just a friendly gesture.”

Dershowitz went to claim that he would have turned Epstein in had he witnessed any criminal activity taking place.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The problem is that no defense attorney would turn their client over to police as Dershowitz is claiming that he would have done had he seen any underage girls on Epstein’s island. That would violate attorney-client confidentiality and possibly result in Dershowitz being disbarred. No one would certainly hire him to represent them again. And Dershowitz’s story about staying there for his granddaughter’s soccer tournament is quite fishy.

Dershowitz is clearly desperate to wriggle out of the trouble he’s in right now. The fact that he stayed on Epstein’s island doesn’t help him.

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