It is election season. It is anticipated that presumptive nominee Joe Biden will soon be picking his running mate. Who will get the nod is still a matter of speculation. There is a shortlist, but before getting to that, all Democrats and left-leaning independents should take a moment to read and internalize George Takei’s sage advice. Takei posted the following tweet today, and they are certainly some wise words.

Takei is correct. No matter who he picks, there will be factions within the party that wanted someone else. Of course, when people are not entirely satisfied with anything anymore, they tend to run to social media to broadcast their disdain for the world. This is one time folks should refrain. Furthermore, if they can’t say something nice, they need to do as moms tell their children and not say anything at all.

This isn’t about freedoms or anything of the sort. Of course, people can voice their dissatisfaction, but to bring up another wise old saying, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

During the primaries, Biden told the world that he would commit to picking a woman as his running mate. Some have insisted the candidate be a woman of color, but Biden hasn’t committed to that stipulation. Earlier this year, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar withdrew her name to be the Vice President citing that she believes that the pick should be a woman of color.

The following are considered to be some of the top candidates for the job along with some of their pros and cons.

Kamala Harris — The California Senator has been speculated to be a leading contender by many. She has a firebrand style and can fill that “attack dog” role that Vice Presidential candidates often are called upon to be. She is also a fierce debater who always comes prepared. Some speculate that she might be too fierce and fiery for some Americans.

Susan Rice — The former Ambassador and Obama confidant has a long resume and much respect in diplomatic circles. Her downside might be that she lacks charisma and might give fodder to those who want to bring up the whole “Benghazi” matter again to distract from other issues. It was Rice who initially misstated why protesters stormed the embassy there and killed four Americans. Multiple independent and GOP investigations later it was found that no wrongdoing occurred, but that probably won’t stop Trump supporters from making hay over it and forcing the campaign to defend what happened and Rice’s role.

Val Demings — The Florida congressional member has gotten more attention lately as a potential running mate. She has a solid resume including a successful stint as a police chief in Orlando. Nancy Pelosi also picked her to be an impeachment manager last winter. Critics say she lacks foreign policy experience and low name recognition could be a problem.

Karen Bass — Bass is the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. Her stock is said to have risen lately like Demings. Bass’ recent emergence as one of the top contenders has been spurred on by a lot of lobbying on her behalf by some of her colleagues in the House including influential California Democrats and top donors. Nancy Pelosi recommended weeks ago that Bass should not be overlooked. Like Demings, she might suffer from a lack of name recognition and her style isn’t exactly “dynamic.”

Elizabeth Warren — Senator Warren is a progressive’s progressive. She has proven she can get things done as a legislator and can raise money as a candidate at a grassroots, small donation level. Her age could be a negative as well and one can be sure that Trump and his allies will be using the term “Pochahauntus” early and often if she is the pick. On the other hand, that might be just what the campaign wants as racial divides might make that mocking a motivation to get some out to vote.

Tammy Duckworth — The Illinois Senator has a story that no one can discount. She is a decorated veteran who has achieved many “firsts” in her life. They include being the first female double amputee in the Iraq War and being the first Senator to give birth while in office. She is a woman of color, but not African American. Duckworth has a Thai parent.

There are some other women that some have speculated to be on the list. They include Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Back in April, Biden was quoted as saying he’d take Michelle Obama as his running mate “in a heartbeat.”

There could be as many as 11 women on the list currently.

Whoever gets the nod for the job, they will have positives and negatives depending on an individual’s perspective. The important thing, as George Takei reminds us, is that people who want Trump out of the White House rally around the pick and not just try to cause trouble over the fact that their favorite didn’t get picked. The fact is that all of these women and many others are well qualified for the job.


Featured image via Wikimedia commons.