There is an old saying — be careful what you wish for. So far, in the run-up to the presidential election, Donald Trump may want to heed those words. Trump and his big donor postmaster appointee, Louis DeJoy, have seemingly been doing everything they can to stop people from voting by mail in hopes those “liberal snowflakes” might be too afraid to show up at the polls.

Trump has admitted to denying funding to the Post Office just in the past week in hopes that the agency that serves all Americans as mandated by the Constitution might not be able to handle the massive influx of mail-in ballots.

Meanwhile, DeJoy has allegedly ordered Post Office drop boxes removed from the streets of some American cities. He has fired most of the experienced senior staff at the Post Office and consolidated power to himself. He has ordered mail sorting machines removed from postal facilities. On top of all that, the other day, a rate increase — to take effect about two weeks before election day, was just announced.

Again, be careful what you wish for.

Michelle Obama gave a speech on the first night of the DNC convention on Monday. One of the big points she made was that voters must be prepared for more obstacles to be thrown about by Trump and his allies, and expect very long lines. She suggested bringing food and drink to endure the lines.

Today, South Carolina Representative, James Clyburn, took the notion a step further. It might be the best idea anyone has had to overcome the obstacles to voting that have become all too common for many from Trump and the GOP.

“We are gonna have picnic chairs, picnic tables, we are gonna have the kind of voting that may look like tailgating.”

Of course, what Clyburn is talking about is the age-old ritual of the tailgate party — which usually happens at things like concerts and sporting events. Where people have fun, socialize, and break out the BBQs.

After a spring, summer, and fall of being denied such a popular American tradition, election day might be the day we all get to enjoy such a treat.

Clyburn also suggested citizens take advantage of early voting and taking their absentee/mail-in ballots in personally, which is allowed in many states.

So again President Trump, be careful what you wish for. It looks like the Democrats are prepared to get out the vote by any means possible — and it might end up being the tailgate biggest party of 2020.

We all could probably use a great party. Thanks Donald.

OF course, unlike the picture at the top of this page, there probably will be some masks and social distancing involved during that party. That’s ok, Americans are ready for a party, it seems, and this might be the perfect occasion.

Check out the full interview with Rep. Clyburn below. He talks about possible COVID relief packages and what Congress should be doing for Americans in this time of crisis before his remarks about how to overcome obstacles in the 2020 election. Below that, Michelle Obama’s full DNC address is available for viewing.


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