President Donald Trump claimed on Saturday morning that the Democratic National Convention omitted “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in yet another effort to pander to evangelicals. It turns out that he’s lying to them.

The convention has been hailed as a complete success. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accepted the nomination without a hitch, demonstrating that Trump’s attacks on his cognitive health are totally unfounded. Democrats also put Trump’s failures on display and made it clear that they have plans to tackle America’s problems.

Faced with such an impeccable performance, Trump has now resorted to attacking the convention by claiming it required ID to get in as his way to defend suppressive voter ID laws.

Only the convention was held virtually, so there was no building to enter. Therefore, no ID required.

On Saturday, Trump tried a culture war tactic to smear the Democrats.

Trump’s claim stems from a Facebook post by a failed Republican candidate named Peggy Hubbard, which was flagged by fact-checkers such as Politifact:

Some Democratic caucus members omitted “one nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during DNC meetings. But the line was not excluded from any of the convention’s primetime televised spots.

On the first night of the DNC, participants sang the “Star-Spangled Banner” instead of saying the Pledge of Allegiance. On the second, third and fourth nights, “under God” was included in the pledge.

One member of the Muslim Delegates Assembly omitted the phrase, as did a delegate at the LGBTQ caucus meeting. But that’s about it.

Every American has the right to worship. That means they don’t have to worship God. Not everyone is a Christian. Many Americans don’t believe in God at all. No one can be forced to say “under God” in the pledge. The Supreme Court has made this clear. And even history shows that “under God” was not always included in the pledge. The pledge has been around since 1892, but the words “under God” were only added in 1954, which means Americans from 1892 to 1954 did not say “under God” in the pledge.

The bottom line is that Trump is lying as usual and evangelicals should be ashamed of themselves if they still have no problem with it.

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