America has watched President Trump do everything he can to manipulate or “rig” the election. He baselessly attacks mail-in voting, making claims that cannot be verified, and in fact, can be debunked with just a little research (like 30 seconds on the google). His hand-picked donor/appointee, Louis DeJoy seems to be making the Post Office as unprepared as they can be in the upcoming election. His followers and minions seem to be taking their orders by his examples. If they don’t like something, they either try to eliminate or destroy it.

Case in point, just today, a Facebook user, Mimi Fera Perez, posted a picture of someone stealing her neighbor’s BLM sign. This is apparently the 3rd time it has happened. The area where it happened, is a more affluent area of suburban Pittsburgh.

What are people saying with such an action? Free Speech doesn’t matter. If I disagree with someone or something, I will not try to understand it or learn anything, I will just destroy it and act like it doesn’t exist.

Here’s a picture of the perpetrator deciding that his view is the only one that matters:

By the way, if anyone happens to know who the person in the picture is, the homeowner is offering a 100 dollar reward and the person who posted the pic is offering to match it for a grand total of 200 dollars.

This is not an isolated incident. Reports of BLM and Democratic election signs, like Biden For President type signs, are being stolen and vandalized all over the country.

When Democrats are telling voters that they must be vigilant and make sure there is no question about Biden clearly beating Trump, this shows just how low supporters are willing to go to keep their candidate on the winning side. It is becoming increasingly clear that this election has nothing to do with ideas or policy but has everything to do with the retention of power. Trump’s supporters seem as willing to break the law and stifle any debate by any means, just as Trump is.

Just ask anyone who has tried to engage Trump supporters in an intelligent debate based on things like facts and science. They can tell you how quickly such attempts devolve into name-calling (just like Trump makes up juvenile names for anyone who disagrees with him), schoolyard taunts, and having to argue with nonsensical “QAnon” propaganda.

Not that Democrats or people who support Biden don’t ever “go there.” But such things are much rarer and usually follow attempts to positively engage in discussions of fact and principle.

Keep in mind, Trump supporters and minions have already shown a predisposition to attack anything that might make their leader look bad. Just recently, when Jeffery Epstein’s “assistant” who is accused of recruiting underage girls to be raped by Epstein and his friends was apprehended and he “wished her well” (vs attacking women on the Democratic side with names like “nasty” “angry”, and “crazy”) and had nothing bad to say about her — Trump’s supporters attacked people calling out the sex trafficker.

It looks like this election is going to be one wild ride, better buckle up, keep the eyes and ears open, and be ready for anything.