In an attempt to raise desperately needed funds for the their campaign, which is reportedly low on cash, the Trump reelection team has started sending out mass text messages to potential donors which ominously warn that if Joe Biden is elected, Antifa will “attack your homes.”

HuffPost notes that the text barrage was send in the aftermath of disturbing revelations from Bob Woodward’s latest book, Rage, which details how President Donald Trump tried to downplay the severity of the coronavirus pandemic which has left over 194,000 Americans dead and continues to spread across the nation:

“That message was fired off just days after it was revealed … that Trump lied about the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak because he claimed he ‘didn’t want to create a panic.’ He told Sean Hannity earlier this week: ‘I can’t be jumping up and down and scaring people.’

That message was jarringly out of sync with the Trump campaign warning. It warned: ‘ANTIFA ALERT: They’ll attack your homes if Joe’s elected. Pres Trump needs you to become a Diamond Club Member. Your name is MISSING. Donate.'”

Oh, well; so much for not setting off a panic, huh?

It should be noted that the Department of Homeland Security recently said the single-largest domestic terror threat in the U.S. is from white supremacists, not Antifa, which isn’t even an organized group.

Don’t panic? Plenty of people couldn’t resist reminding the Trump campaign of their candidate’s own words and the hypocrisy of sending out such an absurd text message:

Here’s a thought that’s certain to set off more panic than all the Antifa doomsday scenarios any campaign can dream up: Four more years of Trump as president. ARGH!!

Featured Image Via NBC News