President Donald Trump shot himself in the foot on Monday by whining about Democratic nominee Joe Biden rejecting his demand that he take a drug test prior to the first presidential debate.

Trump has been trying to lay the groundwork for his likely poor debate performance by suggesting that Biden is only good at debating because he’s on drugs. Over the weekend, Trump took to Twitter to repeat his demand that Biden be tested prior to the debate, only for Biden’s campaign to reject it and humiliate Trump in the process.

On Monday, Trump complained about Biden declining to be tested and insinuated that Biden has something to hide since he won’t agree to take the test.

Unfortunately for Trump, that opened the door for E. Jean Carroll to question his own refusal to submit to a DNA test as part of a defamation lawsuit related to her alleged rape by Trump.

That’s a direct hit by Carroll. Indeed, if Biden is supposedly ducking a drug test because he’s on drugs, Trump must be ducking a DNA test because he raped E. Jean Carroll and lied about it. A judge had been on the verge of ordering Trump to submit to a DNA test, but Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice stepped in to take over Trump’s defense in an unprecedented action.

Frankly, the way Trump is using the federal government to fight the lawsuit against him, it seems pretty clear that Trump is guilty and knows he’ll lose the case if he hands over his DNA. So, Trump is the last person who should be complaining about someone not submitting to a test.

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