As the 2020 election nears an end, a video obtained by The Washington Post shows that conservatives have been actively planning and plotting to suppress the vote for months now, even going so far as to hold meetings in Virginia so they could coordinate efforts and encourage one another:

“The gathering in Northern Virginia was organized by the Council for National Policy, a little-known group that has served for decades as a hub for a nationwide network of conservative activists and the donors who support them. Members include Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Leonard Leo, an outside adviser to President Trump who has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars from undisclosed donors to support conservative causes and the nominations of conservative federal judges.”

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department official who is currently president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, told attendees to take pride in their efforts to keep people from casting ballots:

“Be not afraid of the accusations that you’re a voter suppressor, you’re a racist and so forth.”

GOP activist Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, celebrated the fact that schools had been closed due to COVID-19, completely ignoring the death toll as it continued to rise into the hundreds of thousands. Kirk told fellow CNP members:

“Kirk stepped into the spotlight at a closed-door gathering of leading conservatives and shared his delight about an impact of the coronavirus pandemic: the disruption of America’s universities. So many campuses had closed, he said, that up to a half-million left-leaning students probably would not vote.

“So, please keep the campuses closed,” Kirk, 26, said in August as the audience cheered, according to video of the event obtained by The Washington Post. “Like, it’s a great thing.”

And Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch bemoaned the fact that mail-in voting would be a major force in the 2020 election, claiming that fraud in absentee balloting is rampant, even though he provided no proof of his assertion:

“We need to stop those ballots from going out, and I want the lawyers here to tell us what to do. But this is a crisis that we’re not prepared for. I mean, our side is not prepared for.”

The efforts of these anti-voting groups, however, appear to have been in vain, as early voting numbers are at record levels across the country in states that have such provisions for voters. Absentee ballot requests have also spiked, suggesting that voters aren’t going to let their voices be silenced at a time when a would-be tyrant is seeking a second term in office.

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