President Donald Trump demanded that former Vice President Joe Biden release all of his records during a Twitter-spree on Wednesday night, prompting Americans to call Trump out for refusing to release his own.

It’s been four years since Trump promised to release his taxes, but he still has not done so. In fact, he’s still trying to get the courts to help him hide them and has refused to release many documents and records that would likely incriminate him in criminal activity.

For instance, Trump won’t release transcripts of his Helsinki meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, nor will he release full transcripts of his phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that would fully expose his attempt to extort the Ukrainian government into interfering with the 2020 Election by opening a sham investigation into his political rival.

Trump also won’t reveal who he owes $400 million of debt to, has not submitted his DNA in a rape case, and refuses to release the full Mueller report.

If anyone clearly has something to hide, it’s Trump. Yet he posted this garbage on Twitter.

Americans responded by demanding Trump release his records first.

Unlike Trump, Biden has nothing to hide and released decades of taxes a long time ago. Trump refuses to release any of his records, including medical records. It’s pretty clear that Trump is the poster boy for corruption. He certainly is for projection and hypocrisy.

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