President Donald Trump made one last desperate pitch to Hispanic voters on Twitter on Election Day eve by posting a tweet in Spanish, something he clearly did not do himself. And the Internet buried him in mockery.

Trump is desperate to win the election so he can stay in power and out of prison. One state he needs to win is Florida, which has a heavy Hispanic population. He has already repeatedly pandered to Hispanic voters in the state by claiming to have won the fake “Bay of Pigs” award, which does not exist. Trump also promoted Goya beans in a widely criticized stunt to pander to Hispanic voters earlier this year.

Now, as polls show Biden heading into Election Day with a 6-point lead in Florida, Trump is once again pandering and is even doing so in Spanish.

Seeing as how Trump does not know how to speak or write in Spanish, it’s pretty obvious that he did not write this himself, as many Twitter users noted while mocking him.

Biden currently leads among Hispanic voters by a 2 to 1 margin, something Trump should have thought about before he locked Latino kids in cages and called Mexicans rapists and murderers. An attempt to persuade Hispanic voters by posting a tweet in Spanish is not enough to make them forget all the horrible racist things Trump has said and done for the last five years.

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