Now that the Electoral College has met and officially made Joe Biden the next president, President Donald Trump is reportedly considering pushing Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to appoint a special counsel for the purpose of investigating Biden’s son, Hunter, according to the Associated Press (AP):

“President Donald Trump is considering pushing to have a special counsel appointed to advance a federal tax investigation into the son of President-elect Joe Biden, setting up a potential showdown with incoming acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen.

“Trump — angry that out-going Attorney General William Barr didn’t publicly announce the ongoing, two-year investigation into Hunter Biden — has consulted on the matter with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, White House counsel Pat Cipollone and outside allies.”

Additionally, Trump may also urge Rosen to name a special counsel who would look into his specious claims of fraud in the 2020 election.

All of this comes just days after former Attorney General William Barr abruptly resigned after refusing to support Trump’s assertion that he beat Biden in the election and had been cheated out of a second term in office.

The AP also notes, “(If Trump is) expecting his newly named acting attorney general to go further than Barr on either matter, he could end up quickly disappointed.”

If Rosen doesn’t agree to do as Trump wishes, he could find himself given the boot as well:

“Trump is still weighing his options, considering whether to pressure Rosen to make the special counsel appointment or, if needed, to replace the acting attorney general with someone more likely to carry out his wishes. He has even asked his team of lawyers, including personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, to look into whether the president has the power to appoint a special counsel himself.”

Trump knows he lost the election to Biden, and now he wants to try and hamstring the new president before he even takes office. It’s more proof that the current head of state is an unstable child out for revenge.

Featured Image Via CNN