Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) accidentally made the case for gun control this week during an appearance on Fox News in which he idiotically compared mass shootings to drunk driving.

The mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado that took a combined 18 lives has once again sparked outrage across the nation and renewed calls for gun control legislation, including assault weapon bans and stronger background checks.

Of course, Republicans refuse to do anything beyond offering mere “thoughts and prayers” and oppose any reasonable effort to prevent gun violence.

On Tuesday, Kennedy explained his opposition to gun control by comparing it to drunk driving.

“We do not need more gun control,” Kennedy said. “We need more idiot control.”

He went on to claim on the Senate floor that enacting gun control measures would be the equivalent of taking driver’s licenses away from sober people. Seriously.

“We have a lot of drunk drivers in America that kill a lot of people. We ought to try to combat that too. The answer is not to get rid of all sober drivers,” he said.

Here’s the videos via Twitter:

The problem with Kennedy’s analogy is that there are laws against drunk driving and severe punishments. In addition, Americans need to obtain a driver’s license and insurance in order to drive a vehicle and can be denied the privilege of driving for a variety of reasons, including health reasons. The same is not true of gun ownership, but it should be.

Kennedy’s remarks backfired as Twitter users pointed out that he’s an idiot who just accidentally made the case for gun control.

Democrats can also enact idiot control by ending the filibuster in the Senate so that Republicans like Kennedy can no longer block gun control legislation that a majority of Americans support.

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