Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) walked right into a rhetorical trap of his own creation when he tried to mock Vice President Kamala Harris for visiting a bakery in Chicago on Wednesday and got reminded of his own detour to Cancun, Mexico, while his home state was suffering from an ice storm that left millions without power or water in February.

Referencing an article from right-wing “news” site RedState, Cruz posted this snarky tweet:

Yes, Harris has indeed been named as the White House point person for the border and the surge of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States, but is Ted Cruz the right person to criticize anyone on this particular issue? If the border matters so much to Ted, why doesn’t he pack up and head down there to personally oversee the matter?

It didn’t take long before the hashtag #CancunCruz began trending:

Memo to Ted Cruz: Sit down and shut up.

Featured Image Via NBC News