Republicans are now resorting to accusing corporations of being “fascist,” as Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) did during an interview on Fox News, because they are opposing voter suppression laws.

Ever since Georgia Republicans passed a draconian voter suppression law, corporations such as Major League Baseball, Delta, Coca-Cola, and others have condemned it, resulting in Republicans attacking these companies and/or moving to punish them, even going so far as to demand they “stay out of politics.”

On Wednesday night, Crenshaw went even further by falsely accusing these corporations of engaging in fascism.

“This is what I call the phenomenon that’s going on, it’s progressive fascism, because what is fascism?” Crenshaw said. “Well, it’s the regimentation of the economy, of society, and it’s the forced suppression of your opposition. That’s what’s happening right now. The Democrats have successfully captivated the institutions, you know, pop culture, Hollywood, our education institutions and now our corporations into their own woke agenda.”

“This is fascism, right, and they use cancel culture as a tool to impose their fascism on us, and so they’re always using this in these anti this ‘Anti Fascist’ labeling against the right, but they’re the ones who actually engage in the tactics and it’s time we expose that,” he continued. “That’s really what’s happening here and we should see it for what it is.”

As a former Navy SEAL officer, Crenshaw should know better. Voicing opposition to voter suppression is NOT fascism. Voter suppression IS fascism. Republicans are literally trying to keep people from voting so they can stay in power. Not to mention they supported overthrowing democracy in January to keep disgraced former President Donald Trump in power.

Americans slammed Crenshaw for not knowing what fascism is.

Dan Crenshaw is a disgrace to this country. He should be fighting to expand voting rights instead of working to suppress them. He’s a fascist, and it’s a shame that he was allowed to wear the uniform of our troops, many of whom have died for our right to vote.

Featured Image: Wikimedia