Despite there being absolutely no evidence that the 2020 election was anything other than the safest and most secure in U.S. history, millions of Americans — the vast majority of them Trump supporters — continue to believe that the last election was stolen and that Donald Trump should have been declared the winner.

CNN ran into some of these deluded voters during a rally held at The Villages, a retirement community in Florida, where reporter Donie O’Sullivan spoke with two ardent Trumpers. He told them:

“You guys both genuinely believe the election was stolen. I mean, that’s — if you believe that that’s true…”

The man being interviewed remarked:

“Isn’t that horrible. Is it horrible that we would even be in the situation to even think that?”

O’Sullivan noted, “But it’s false.”

The woman then interjected:

“No it is not.”

The woman then began repeating conspiracy theories that have been debunked on numerous occasions by fact checkers. O’Sullivan even reminded the woman that what she was spouting had been proven false. She replied:

“It has not, I watched it on TV.”

How can you possibly argue with such idiocy? So many of these Trumpers choose to believe BS instead of factual information that it’s a wonder any of them are able to lift their heads due to the weight of the tinfoil hats on their heads.

Twitter had some thoughts on Florida Man and Florida Woman:

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