Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) thought he was trolling liberals by claiming that President Joe Biden would be a one-term president like former President Jimmy Carter, only to be reminded that disgraced former President Donald Trump truly is just a one-term president.

It all started when Donald Trump Jr. first made the comparison of Biden to Carter on his Twitter account insisting that Biden is more like Carter and not Franklin Roosevelt even though Biden has overseen major spending programs and health initiatives on a level not seen in decades with more likely to come as Democrats push infrastructure and childcare legislation in Congress among other great bills that will transform the nation. Liberals see the comparison to Carter and FDR as badges of honor.

But Cruz jumped on the Don Jr. bandwagon just as fast as he traveled to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the elder Trump’s a** earlier this week.

Carter did only serve one term in office, but he was truly ahead of his time during his presidency from 1977-1981 in which he installed solar panels on the White House as part of a wide effort to promote clean energy, divested himself from his peanut farm to avoid conflicts of interest, and was honest with the American people. After his presidency, Carter would go on to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on human rights and he still helps build homes for people at the age of 96.

The main problem with Cruz’s attack, however, is that Trump is a one-term president who lost to Biden in 2020. Trump also has no accomplishments to really brag about and never won a Nobel Prize, something he has constantly whined about. Not winning a second term is about the only thing Trump has in common with Carter, whose approval ratings are also higher than Trump’s.

Twitter users mocked Cruz in response to his pathetic trolling attempt.

It should also be pointed out that Trump has spent his post-presidency attacking democracy and whining from his safe space at Mar-a-Lago and playing golf instead of doing anything productive for the American people. Biden has already done more to help Americans in four months than Trump ever did in four years. And he has definitely done more to help Americans than Cruz.

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