Stormy Daniels revealed Monday during an appearance on CNN that her attorneys have been in touch with prosecutors investigating former President Donald Trump to let them know that she is willing to cooperate with their ongoing probe of Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, including providing proof she says makes it clear that the hush money Trump paid her via his former attorney, Michael Cohen, came from Russia.

Speaking with CNN host John Berman, Daniels confirmed that her attorneys have let prosecutors in Manhattan know she would gladly testify before the grand jury that was empaneled last month:

“I’ve been very forthcoming since the beginning of all this that I would love nothing more than my day in court and to give a deposition and provide whatever evidence they need from me. I have all the original forms and e-mails and wire transcripts and all of that stuff, and I’m happy to turn it over to anybody who needs it, honestly.”

However, Daniels revealed that she has indeed given depositions in non-criminal matters concerning the former president:

“I’ve had meetings with them about other issues. I’ve given depositions willingly about other cases involved and we honestly really thought the Supreme Court was going to step up and do the right thing, because it sets a really terrifying precedent that the president is above the law. I just don’t understand how one man (Michael Cohen) can go to prison for a crime and somebody else can’t even be investigated.”

There was also this tantalizing nugget from Daniels regarding the hush money she was paid by Trump:

“I would tell them I was approached, I would tell them I have evidence that the money came from an account set up at the direction of Donald Trump, I would tell them that money was traced back to Russian funds, I would give them copies of the bank wires and all of the transcripts for that, and I think that anybody should be really terrified that a normal citizen can take the fall for somebody in power.”

If Daniels does indeed have proof that the money Trump funneled to her came from Russia, that would confirm the former president and his company do indeed have a Russian connection. Such evidence could potentially open up the Trump family and Trump Organization to a new set of charges such as accepting money from a foreign government in the heat of a presidential campaign.

Sounds like Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr. needs to give Ms. Daniels a call and invite her to tell what she knows to his grand jury.

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