Republicans got hit with self-created backlash when they attacked Vice President Kamala Harris for handing out cookies to reporters traveling with her on Air Force Two that featured her likeness on them, according to Mediate:

“USA Today White House correspondent Courtney Subramanian is a pool reporter on VP Harris’ current overseas trip, and tweeted a photo of one of the cookies along with the caption ‘@vp made an OTR visit to the back of the plane and delivered cookies decorated with the shape of her likeness as well as AF2.'”

Cute cookies and a wonderful gesture on the part of the the VP, right? Nope. According to some Republicans, it proved that Harris is a narcissist and wasting taxpayer money. So they began hurling all sorts of accusations at her. Take a look:

However, if those angry tweeters had bothered to do 10 seconds of research via a Google search, they would have discovered where the Kamala cookies came from:

“VPOTUS came to the back of the plane and spoke to press OTR for five minutes. She delivered cookies decorated with the shape of her likeness as well as of Air Force Two. The cookies were provided by Cupcake Dreams, a black-owned business in Washington, DC. The bakery owner’s name is Aleatra Dimitrijevski.”

Well, now. That’s embarrassing for those angry tweeters, none of whom took the time to apologize for their vitriol or admit that the real problem they have with Kamala Harris is she’s a powerful woman of color who speaks her mind.

Real classy, Republicans! Maybe if you could ever extract yourself from the gutter you’d be able to better appreciate the world.

Featured Image Via Twitter