Chris Wallace — a.k.a. the only real journalist at Fox News — slammed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Sunday, rightly pointing out that new voting restrictions the Texas legislature is attempting to pass would be used to “suppress voting by people of color.”

Abbott was a guest on “Fox News Sunday, and Wallace immediately confronted the governor with details of the Texas voter suppression bill, including banning 24-hour and drive-through voting:

“There was no indication of fraud in either of those. Harris County (Houston) employed both of those and more than half of the voters who showed up were people of color.

“So you say you want to make it easier to vote. That’s going to make it harder to vote. And then the question is why make it harder for some Texans to vote unless the point is suppress voting by people of color?”

The governor argued that Texas has every right to place restrictions on what counties in the state can do regarding balloting in elections, which led Wallace to counter:

“Why not let it go on? If 24-hour voting worked, why not continue it?”

Rather than respond to Wallace’s query, Abbott tried to deflect, insisting that Texas had instituted laws in the past that require voter ID without affecting minority voters:

“It was not harder to go vote. It was easier to go vote. And the same thing applies here. And that is with 24-hour voting, one thing we want to make sure we have is integrity in the ballot box system and we need to have poll watchers and monitors and, candidly, it’s hard even for a county to get people to be watching the polls 24 hours a day.”

Nonsense! No one watches traditional polling places 24/7, and yet votes are still secured and counted accurately. Abbott and the GOP are trying to make it harder for people to vote and also want to give themselves the power to overturn the will of the voters if they don’t like how they voted. Such attacks on the most fundamental exercise of freedom in the American republic are a threat to the future of representative democracy and must be fought and defeated.

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