The future sister-in-law of embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) slammed him in three videos she posted on TikTok videos, calling him “creepy” and a “literal pedophile,” accusing him of trying to set her up with an older man when she was just 19.

Roxanne Luckey is the sister of Ginger Luckey, who is engaged to marry Gaetz, though it remains unclear if the nuptials are on hold while the congressman deals with allegations that he sexually trafficked underage girls, a crime that could send him to federal prison for the rest of his life.

In the videos, according to The Daily Beast, Roxanne Luckey makes it clear that despises Gaetz:

“The first of the videos, posted on Sunday, features Luckey dancing and lip-synching to Lana Del Ray’s ‘Jealous Girl’ with a New York Times headline in the background, reading ‘Matt Gaetz Is Said to Face Justice Dept. Inquiry Over Sex With an Underage Girl.’ She added her own text, writing, ‘When a creepy old man tries to hit on you at the bar but your sisters engaged to a literal pedophile.'”

A day later, Luckey said she was wrong to use the word “pedophile,” explaining that another better applies to Gaetz:

“In a follow-up video Monday night, Luckey apologized for using the term ‘pedophile’ and shifted to ‘ephebophile’—someone primarily attracted to mid- to late-adolescents—which she reasoned felt more appropriate for Gaetz.”

Even more disturbing is an allegation from Roxanne Luckey that Gaetz tried to set her up with an older man who was divorced:

“According to Luckey’s account, the older man was ‘creepy’ and repeatedly made her feel uncomfortable, even after she rejected his advances and told him she had a boyfriend. She noted that when the man later apologized, he passed the blame for his aggressive overtures onto Gaetz.

“’Sorry about what I said, I just wanted to get Matt off my back,’ Luckey claimed the unnamed man said.”

Gaetz’s fiancé dismissed the allegations made by her sister, suggesting that she has mental health issues:

“Matt and I are enjoying our engagement and are deeply in love. My estranged sister is mentally unwell. She has been in therapy for years and our family hopes that after receiving in-patient mental health treatment, she will overcome the tendency she has repeatedly shown to engage in destructive behavior.”

The congressman has denied that he committed any crimes with underage girls, but remains under investigation by federal prosecutors.

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