Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) used facts to counter Fox News host Laura Ingraham when she attempted to throw cold water on the $1.1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill making its way through Congress.

Ingraham began the interview with Cassidy, Mediaite notes, by suggesting the legislation was little more than a Trojan Horse that Democrats would load up with lots of wasteful spending, and she asked the senator if he’d even read the bill, to which he replied:

“My staff and I have read it totally.

“And defending it, my gosh, why wouldn’t you want this, as one of my colleagues said, it creates a heck of a lot of jobs.”

That led the Fox host to remark:

“The White House is, as I said, quite giddy about this. Reuters describes this as a glide path to the $3.5 trillion tonight in their write-up of this, senator.”

But again, Cassidy wouldn’t take the bait, and he continued to enthusiastically support passage of the infrastructure bill:

“It is the person in my state stuck in traffic who’s fearful of their home flooding, who wants to have a better job, that actually would like to make more money but doesn’t make a lot of money now, who really likes this bill.

“I talked to Fox News watchers. They love this bill.”

Ingraham also told Cassidy that it appears Republicans “got played,” adding:

“Why not do what Pelosi did and say, show us your hand first, let’s see the full text of your reconciliation bill, everything that’s in it — climate change, amnesty, tax increases, all the nightmares that we already delineated tonight — let them show their hand, but it got flipped, didn’t it? You guys got played on this. You had to vote first or agree first. They still haven’t shown the text of their legislation, have they, sir?”


“The ironic thing you are agreeing with the Squad and Bernie. It’s amazing, you’re agreeing with Pelosi. We think this makes that behemoth less likely to pass.”

The two continued to go back and forth with each other, but Cassidy never wavered, pushing back on every criticism Ingraham offered, which must have infuriated her since she’s accustomed to Republicans agreeing with whatever Fox tells them to.

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