Though it only launched a few weeks ago, pro-Trump social network GETTR has become a site for jihadist propaganda from the terrorist group Islamic State — a.k.a. ISIS — according to Politico, and it could doom the right-wing site as it’s trying to get up and running:

“The social network — started a month ago by members of former President Donald Trump’s inner circle — features reams of jihadi-related material, including graphic videos of beheadings, viral memes that promote violence against the West and even memes of a militant executing Trump in an orange jumpsuit similar to those used in Guantanamo Bay.”

GETTR is now little more than a “safe haven” for ISIS jihadists, and that could prove to be a big problem both for the conservative network and U.S. national security.

The new social network was created in an attempt to give those who still support Trump a forum apart from Twitter and Facebook, but it’s inundated with pro-ISIS accounts, with at least 250 of them having been created since the site launched:

“Is Daesh here?” asked an account whose profile photo was of the Islamic State flag account, using the Arabic acronym for jihadi movement. The replies were in the affirmative, with some praising the social network for its willingness to host such content.

Oddly, GETTR is refusing to take actions that could help limit the proliferation of ISIS propaganda:

“Larger platforms like Facebook and Twitter now work via the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, an industry-funded nonprofit which shares terrorist content between companies — via a database of extremist material accessible to its members — so that the material can be taken down as quickly as possible.

“GETTR has yet to sign up.”

Ironically, GETTR is also home to right-wing domestic terror groups such as the Proud Boys, who post alongside more well-known figures such as Fox News host Sean Hannity and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Rather than being concerned about the hijacking of their site by ISIS, those who control the platform say it shows that Trump did a superb job of destroying the terrorist organization while he was in office:

“ISIS is trying to attack the MAGA movement because President Trump wiped them off the face of the earth, destroying the Caliphate in less than 18 months, and the only ISIS members still alive are keyboard warriors hiding in caves and eating dirt cookies,” Jason Miller, CEO of GETTR, said in a statement. “GETTR has a robust and proactive moderation system that removes prohibited content, maximizing both cutting-edge A.I. technology and human moderation.”

One wonders if Miller will be so sanguine if and when a terrorist attack is planned on his platform that winds up killing Americans.

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