The President of the United States is an elected office, not a piece of property. But Steve Bannon claimed this week that Donald Trump somehow has “ownership” of it.

Steve Bannon has already threatened to unleash an army of “shock troops” to swiftly take over the government, evoking Nazi violence just months after Trump supporters literally stormed the Capitol in a failed attempt to overthrow democracy and install Trump as a dictator.

Now Bannon is telling right-wingers that Trump owns the presidency all while continuing to repeat his lies about the 2020 Election.

“That’s why November 3rd is so important,” he said. “Number one: It has put the legitimacy of this regime in question to independents. Number Two is to make sure we get a fair accounting of what actually happened, we can’t go forward without it. Number Three is to make sure they can’t cheat us again. Number Four is to return Donald Trump to his rightful ownership of this presidency.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Again, the presidency is not a piece of property that anyone can buy. If that were the case, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos or Microsoft founder Bill Gates would have done it by now. The president is elected by the people. It is frightening that Bannon is referring to it as property that belongs to Trump because it appears to set up Trump as a dictator who never has to relinquish office despite losing the election or being term-limited by the Constitution. Owning something means it belongs solely to you and you never have to give it up, whereas the presidency belongs to the people and is occupied by a new individual every four to eight years.

Trump legitimately LOST the 2020 Election by 7 million votes after four failed years in office. The Electoral College certified President Joe Biden’s overwhelming victory. Recounts and “audits” have repeatedly confirmed Biden’s win. It’s time for Trump supporters to let it go.

If a Democratic president talked about the presidency as if they own it, Republicans would be throwing a temper tantrum and accusing them of being disrespectful and authoritarian. Bannon says it about Trump and those same Republicans have no problem with it. This is how coups happen. It’s how our nation becomes a failed state. Americans need to pay attention and make sure Republicans lose big in 2022 and beyond.

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