Disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump desperately filed a lawsuit seeking to block the House 1/6 Committee from obtaining records from his time in the White House, and legal experts immediately shot it down.

Trump insists that he can assert executive privilege even though he is no longer president. The reality is that only the sitting president can invoke executive privilege since former presidents lose all of their power and privileges once they leave office. President Joe Biden refused to assert executive privilege to protect Trump, so now Trump is crying to the courts.

The lawsuit asks the courts to side with Trump on his executive privilege claim or at least let him look through all of his records first before the National Archive releases them, undoubtedly so he can destroy or steal the records he doesn’t want the committee or the public to see because they would incriminate him.

It did not take long for legal experts to shred his lawsuit.

If Trump did nothing wrong, he would not be desperately trying to keep his White House records secret. This lawsuit is not the act of an innocent man. It’s an act by a man who is guilty of orchestrating and inciting the attempted overthrow of our democracy. And judges not only need to laugh him out of their courtrooms, but he also needs to be prosecuted.

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