Tesla founder Elon Musk escalated his attacks on Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday over the proposed billionaire tax, only to get totally owned by Sanders staffer Warren Gunnels.

The obscene wealth of billionaires in this country has drawn louder calls for them to be taxed in order to fund things like infrastructure, health care, child care, and other services and policies Americans need. Sanders and other progressives in Congress support the passage of a tax on billionaires that would generate billions of dollars in tax revenues.

Of course, Musk is not a fan even though he would still be a billionaire after paying his fair share of the tax.

In response to Sanders tweeting his support for such a tax, Musk posted a disgusting attack.

The problem is that Musk wouldn’t be a billionaire today had he not mooched billions from taxpayers to fund his corporation, something that Sanders staffer Warren Gunnels reminded him.

Musk would then call Bernie a “taker,” which also drew Gunnels’ ire.

Indeed, Musk has been evading paying taxes for years while most Americans are being forced to pick up the slack. Billionaires like Musk are selfish and unpatriotic for not paying taxes. Yet they dare to take billions of dollars worth in taxpayer subsidies. It’s time for the wealthy to stop getting a free ride and to start paying the taxpayers back plus loads of interest.

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