Even though she and her husband are worth an estimated $300 million, Lara Trump is complaining that the popular Dollar Tree chain of stores is raising the price on their items from a buck to $1.25.

Oh, and as you’d expect, Lara blames President Joe Biden for the price increase.

During an appearance on Fox News, she remarked:

“Well, I know as every other parent as I’m always looking for what I can get my kids that will keep them occupied for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. We are all out on the hunt for that, and certainly when it comes to any sort of decorations, yes the Dollar Tree is a favorite of so many parents all across America.

“I guess Joe Biden can add this to his very impressive resume thus far as president, with the disastrous exit from Afghanistan, an open southern border, inflation through the roof, gas prices going higher every single day, embarrassments on the world stage.”

As if that wasn’t more than enough whining for one day, Lara then added:

“Yes, maybe we can add that he took down the Dollar Tree, and I know personally a lot of New Yorkers who are very upset if that dollar slice pizza goes away. They are going to lose it, so I don’t know this is going to be an interesting sight to see going on in New York City and all across America.”

Oh no! Is there going to be rioting in the streets because suddenly pizza costs more and Dollar Tree went up a quarter?

Poor Lara Trump! She’s going to have to start saving her pennies so she can afford to travel around the world on her private jet.

Lara Trump and others who are looking for reasons to take pot shots at President Biden are nothing but hypocrites. They conveniently forget that prices had already gone up when Donald Trump was still president thanks to his trade war with China. But that was OK because it was Trump.

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