Fox News host Tucker Carlson is absolutely apoplectic that President Joe Biden dared to make a video in which he expressed his support of equal rights for transgender Americans.

But that wasn’t the only thing that bothered Carlson. See, he also believes that the issue of being transgender in the United States only became an issue over the past four years, Media Matters reports:

“So, this administration is standing up for you. And those are words that every American is grateful to hear. But in this case, there’s a caveat. ‘You’ means trans seniors. Now, wait a second, you may wonder, as you sit down with your family to celebrate the joy of transgenderism on transgender appreciation day, how many trans seniors are there in this country? No offense, but the trans thing seems pretty new. And if it’s not new, how come no one had ever heard of it before, say, four years ago? And is securing trans rights really the biggest problem that old people in America now face?”


As you might expect, Carlson’s previous comments on the transgender issue completely undercuts the nonsense he’s now spewing.

Five years ago, in 2017, Carlson had a discussion with anti-trans activist Kara Dansky about the issue of what bathroom transgender people should be allowed to use.

Also, keep in mind that Caitlyn Jenner was just hired as a political commentator by Fox News, which makes you wonder whether or not Tucker will allow her to appear on his show since he thinks being transgender is so terrible and wasn’t even an issue until a few years ago.

Of course, most of the people who watch Fox won’t have any problem with Carlson’s bigoted take on the issue of being trans. And they’ll likely be cool with Jenner appearing on the network, because she just so happens to be a conservative.

It must be difficult to keep track of the contradictions and hypocrisy inherent in nearly everything the right claims to believe.

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