Donald Trump Jr’s message to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows assuring him that the Trump campaign has “operational control” of the election and other texts about rigging the race for his father may be the smoking gun that finally results in charges.

An explosive CNN report makes it clear that Trump Jr. was in on the scheme to have fake electors cast fraudulent votes to keep his dad in power.

“We have operational control Total leverage,” Trump Jr. wrote to Meadows. Just days earlier on November 5th prior to a winner of the 2020 Election being declared, Trump Jr. insisted there were “multiple paths” to keep his dad in office.

In short, Trump Jr. and other members of the Trump campaign knew full well that Trump was not going to win the election. President Joe Biden had won legitimately so they invented accusations of mass election fraud in order to tie up the results in court to buy time so they could concoct the fake elector scheme and incited insurrection on January 6th when that scheme failed as well.

On Sunday, former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance said the evidence is damning.

“It feels like it could be a smoking gun,” she said. “This is two days after the election, the election result hasn’t been called yet, but Donald Trump Jr. is already acting on the assumption his father is going to lose the election and, of course, the entire predication that his father has for maintaining that everything he did after the election, up to and including the march on the Capitol, was legitimate was this notion that he had not legitimately lost the election.”

“So to the extent that this becomes a powerful piece of evidence that they were aware that they had lost, that they were aware it wasn’t fraud and they were going to have to come up with these alternate schemes, including fake slates of electors to get across the finish line, this really could be very powerful,” she concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

The Department of Justice needs to stop dithering and start doing something to protect our democracy from future attacks. That means holding Trump, his kids, members of his inner circle, and Republican lawmakers accountable for committing conspiracy to overturn an election. Failure to do so makes them just as culpable to the crime.

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