Republicans love to talk about how there’s mass cheating and election fraud that’s committed by Democrats, yet they never provide any proof to bolster their allegations.

That makes what happened over the weekend in Salt Lake County, Utah more than a bit ironic, because delegates to the local GOP convention were caught voting multiple times, according to

Two men were caught trying to vote more than once in the primary race for county clerk at the Salt Lake County GOP Convention Saturday, and the chairman of the party says it may take legal action against them.

“We’re going to probably send this to the attorney general, we may actually prosecute,” said Chairman Chris Null. “That’s a serious issue in our system.”

This happened during the vote counting in the GOP primary race for Salt Lake County clerk between Nancy Lord and Goud Maragani, which Maragani ended up winning with 69% of the delegate vote during the GOP convention.

One of the men even tried to deny that he’d done anything wrong, but it turned out that multiple witnesses saw him, which led to him being stripped of his delegate credentials.

All we’ve heard since it became clear that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election (and by a large margin in both the popular and electoral vote) is that voting machines are easily manipulated, and yet the two Utah delegates were using paper ballots to do their deed.

Afterwards, Salt Lake County Republicans tried to put a positive spin on what had just transpired, with Chairman Null remarking:

“But look — we fixed it, right? We were able to identify that that didn’t affect the outcome of the election. Paper ballots actually proved efficient here.”

Could it be any clearer that Republican claims of voter fraud are little more than pure projection on their part?

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